Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mountains and Cows

Today started out sad because Brad left for Hungary! You would think after spending almost 24/7 with him for almost 2 weeks, I wouldn't mind him leaving.  It's different since I am now in Germany alllllll alone. I will be fine, but I will miss him.  The up side is that I get to decide whether to watch BBC news or an English speaking documentary from China, about Chinese things. Or a bunch of things in German.  So there's that.  Maybe I will try streaming....

Anja picked me up this morning to take me on an adventure!  She is quite the hiker, and I was worried I would die out there.  But she promised to keep it easy!  She may or may not have had her daughter with her, I will never tell.  (School is not to be missed in Germany.  I mean, by law.)

We drove south to the edge of the Alps, called the Allgäu Mountains.  Our family has hung around down there before, although not in this specific location.  It is SO gorgeous there!

Just getting started.  Look at this lovely home!
There is a restaurant at our beginning point and this doggie lives there! She was laying on a bench by a table.  haha

The pictures do NOT do the view justice.  Seriously, it was so much more beautiful!  And notice the cows.  I LOVE BAVARIAN MOUNTAIN COWS.  Most are a type of cow I don't think we have in the States.  I got some closer pics of some that I will post.  They are such a pretty color and look so soft.  Like, I would snuggle with one.  They also wear cow bells.  I seriously had a laughing attack a few years back when Brad and I explored this area.  I have heard of a cow bell, obviously, but I had no clue cows actually wore them. As we walked today, we kept hearing the bells.  It's hilarious and makes me SO happy!!

These steps lead down to a farm house where, in the summer, a farmer sells the famous Bergkäse (mountain cheese) of this region, and other farm fresh dairy products.
The sun shining down made the mountains look so pretty.  I wish it showed up better in pictures.

Moo. And ding ding.

Isn't she gorgeous? They also come in a darker brown.  
I got a little video of this girl and her cow bell.  I wish you hear the background bells, as well.  It's all you hear out here!! I am smiling just thinking of it.

We could hear them in the forest even when we couldn't see them. I guess that is the point, so the farmers can find them!

Peaceful.  And those are some happy cows!

I met a super nice guy and he gave me some hiking tips and let me borrow his pick axe.

Just kidding. He is cardboard.  I didn't think I would have to say that, but holy cow, he looks alive in the picture!

I wish the creek with little waterfalls came out better in my pics!

Looks tame enough...

So thankful Anja let me borrow a warm coat!  It was 39* when we got started hiking.

It started to get a little steep! 

Really? WOW!!


I have met a lot of cows.  She was the friendliest one ever.
Cool windows

More cowbell.  Literally.
It was about an hour's hike.  It was challenging for me, not gonna lie!  The steep parts had me huffing and puffing.  Plus I didn't have hiking boots, but I made it! It was really fun and beautiful!  We ended our loop back at the restaurant.  It's also a hotel upstairs, what marvelous views they have!

We sat outside.  So charming!
I had some Wienerschnitzel and Spätzle.  YUM!

We were very near the essential oil company headquarters that Anja likes.  They were very excited to show me around. It was very cool!

Anja is coming back for an oil conference soon.  Sounds interesting to me!  Too bad it's in German.  haha

So we drove back and went by some gorgeous towns.

Next we drove through Füßen, which is the town where the famous castle Neuschwanstein is! It's amazing and beautiful.  I have been there 4 times, I think!! No need to stop again, but I did snap a far away pic!

It's way up the mountain. So gorgeous.  
The views as we drove home were very beautiful as well.  It's called The Romantic Road and is a very popular way to go.  

I got back to the hotel about 5 pm, I think.  It was a truly wonderful day! Anja is a great tour guide.  And maybe Antonia is, too.  If she was with us....I will never tell.  

I am chilling out ALONE in the hotel room and now I won't leave because it's dark and I am not so comfortable "out there" (don't judge)

Not too hungry, I ate half a Semmel roll I got at breakfast this morning and didn't eat, and a few potato chips.  And my yummy Spezi (orange juice/cola mix) that is so delicious.  I know, I need to chill out, it's getting wild up in here.

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