Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lunch at Frankenstein Castle then Augsburg

We slept in a bit, which is easy to do in Germany.  They have these metal shades that you put down on the outside of the windows every night.  Mornings are very dark!  And the Erath's guest room bed is very comfy!

We hung out a bit in the morning and got our stuff all packed up.  We took a walk around the neighborhood.  They live in the Odenwald which is a forest.  Very pretty!

Such great friends!
German dogs read signs

This is from a little grove of "wedding trees." People plant trees and they have little labels with names and dates.  We wondered about the dead ones....

Horses in the background
A creepy emu.  Birds should not be that big.  Or in your backyard.
We drove to nearby Frankenstein Castle for lunch! It was sad that the castle itself was closed today.  They were getting it ready for their Halloween haunted house inside.  Can you imagine? Karen says anyone under 18 isn't allowed.  It's very scary.  Halloween.  An old German castle.  And Frankenstein Castle at that.  NO THANKS.

The views from the restaurant were spectacular!

I can see my house over there...
Inside the chapel.  People get married here

Lunch was FABULOUS! Brad and I both had Wiener Schnitzel.  Mine with fries, his with Spätzle and mushroom sauce.

I wish you could taste it....

It was so so so so so so good.  Yes, that many so's.

We said our goodbyes and got on the road.  Very thankful for the Erath's and their hospitality!! We will miss them.

No pictures of our long drive.  It took us about 4 hours.  There was a lot of construction near Darmstadt where we started.  The radio kept saying the same thing on all the stations.  I couldn't get it all because my brain only picks up every 3rd German word.  But I heard "8 km Stau" (that means traffic jam) and "5 km Stau" and "3 km Stau" over and over.  It was frustrating.  So I decided to try to sleep through it and let Brad deal.  haha

We arrived in Augsburg at about dusk. Our home for the week is the Quality Hotel in Augsburg.  It's a very nice room!  Spacious, big comfy bed, kitchenette.  Right now, as I write this (the day after we arrived) I can't even turn on the TV.  Hmm.  Brad had it on last night.  No idea what I am doing wrong!! It might be a long week.  I wanted to catch up on the debates that happened last night.  It was 2 am here, I think, when it was live.

Anyway, nice hotel, nice room.

Our view.  Look beyond the ugly gas station.  ha
We dropped off our stuff and decided to stretch our legs and walk around. We are near a restaurant we liked when we lived here 3.5 years ago, the Kalberhalle.  So we walked there.  It was a little farther than I expected and was cold when we came out.  But it was fun anyway!

Pork roast, potato dumplings (Knödel) and Blaukraut
Brad had a tasty meal.  I wasn't too hungry and just had a small salad.  The building is so pretty.  All brick, very architecturally interesting.  It used to be a slaughterhouse.  Ew.  But it's pretty.  This is also a brewery so Brad enjoyed the beer.  They had a special on 6 packs of bottles for only 6 Euros.  Good deal! He brought some home.

We slept very well!!

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