Saturday, October 8, 2016

Heidelberg, lunch with friends, and a castle

It's our first full day back in Germany.  We had a fabulous German breakfast which of course includes pretzels and rolls.

I had a little tour of the yard, it's so lush and green! With lots of little holes in the ground.  I thought it was from squirrels or something but Udo says it's baby boars rooting in the ground.  I am DYING to see one of these.  Apparently they are very elusive.  I am keeping my hopes up that I will somehow see one.

These lovely heart shaped beauties were growing by the fence.  They are light and hollow.

We drove over to Heidelberg to meet up with some friends of mine that I met through my essential oil business.  Sarah and Kim live nearby and it was great to be able to see them!

Waiting for the ladies...
This Tree Lady was cool.
We had a great time with Sarah and Kim! Everyone seemed to hit it off well.

Great town, too!
Heidelberg is just wonderful.

A wedding!

Even though it was an overcast day, it was great.  It's a very charming town.  Tons of tourists, of course, because the town is a must-see.

That's Heidelberg Castle up there!

We ate lunch at a really cool German restaurant.

Decorated in a Bavarian style, for some reason!

A close up of that wreath thing around the pole.  So cute!  Look at the pretzels!!

It was a fabulous lunch.  Brad and I shared pork tenderloin with gravy, homemade Spätzle, and something that was just "vegetables" on the menu.  It came out looking weird and ugly.  Like salad with way too much dressing.  Turns out it was cabbage, it was a warm dish, and the dressing was more of a sauce. It was DELICIOUS!!!

That dish in the middle, the ugly one, that was the most tasty thing of my meal!!

We walked back through the charming town.  It's on the Neckar River.  It's so pretty!

We had a lot of fun!
Where's Udo?
there he is

A rose made of stratciatella would still taste as sweet...

We said goodbye to Sarah and Kim and drove towards home.  There is a castle up on a hill that Karen and Udo like to visit sometimes.  It's called Schloß Auerbach (Auerbach Castle).  It's a super old one! Very nice views from the top.  And free, clean bathrooms!  Woot!

You can see this whole valley.  So pretty!

We had some beverages and then explored and had fun!

That's me and Udo down there
That's Karen way over there!


It was a very nice day and evening.  We stopped off for some groceries which I enjoyed because there are so many different things here.  I do love the way Germans do flower bouquets!

Udo grilled up some good stuff for dinner.

Brats on the bottom, pork chops on top, and in the middle is Bockwurst.  I don't remember trying this in other visits, OMG it's sooo good!  Yum!

Big fancy beer
We stayed up late again talking.  Another great day!

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