Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day 2 Fun!

Day 2 here in Lambsheim!  We slept very well in the comfy guest room and woke up to more of our favorite German breakfast foods: pretzels and rolls.  In the Schäfer family, they sometimes eat chocolate sprinkles on their rolls.  I like this about them.

We have also been eating the Schaumküße we bought yesterday at the fair.  These are little treats that are chocolate coated foamy things.  Haha.  I don't think we have anything quite like it in the States.

They are very tasty!
Brad had some fun re-stringing Stefanie's guitar.  We bought the strings yesterday and he was surprised to find out that her guitar was different.  We aren't sure if it's different because it's a classical guitar or because it's German.  Or both.  He had to watch some YouTube videos to know how to do it.

He couldn't get the last string to stay.  He thought he was breaking strings when he tightened it, but it turns out they were just slipping out.  We went back to the guitar store so the guy could help him out.  He was very nice, spoke English very well, and told Brad what he was doing wrong. 

We were back in Frankenthal, so we walked around a little bit more.  It's a very cute town.  

The pedestrian cars allowed

We were very impressed by Anna's pastel artwork.  She is working on this one still:
Isn't it fabulous? It's from a photo from Portland, Maine.

She also did this one from a photo they took in Amrum, Germany.  Stefanie's parents have a vacation home there.  It's in the northern part of Germany, on the North Sea.

They are even prettier in person!

And it turns out Philipp is very interested in art right now. He likes graffiti art. He has some special spray paints made just for this.  He let us watch him paint a few and is letting us bring them home!

Done with just spray paint!

We ate a delicious lunch of cheesy sausages, salad, and pasta with tomato sauce.  Then we went to a park with a lake, called Lambsheimer Weiher. It was a gloomy day, but we walked around the lake.  There was a DJ blasting out some tunes at a beach side bar, but there was no one there.

Palm trees and a tiki hut? Wow! 

Too dark!  And I am too tired to fix it. haha
It was a very pretty place.  There were a few people fishing and some had tents to hang out in.  They aren't allowed to camp there, but it offers shelter in case of rain.

This bench was more of a lounge chair.  I loved it!

It rained. A lot. Sorry, Stefanie, that I caught you with your eyes closed!
We came home and talked for awhile.  It was soon time for dinner.  We went to a small local winery called Gehrig.  They don't always serve food, but it's a fall festival here.  They had a pig roast and it was delicious!  They do this all again in a few weeks, but with a whole entire cow on a giant barbecue!

It was almost gone already!

Pork with cole slaw and potato salad.  SO good!
Stefanie's parents were there, and her brother Ralf, who was in town from Switzerland this weekend.  We had such a fun time with everyone! They make really good wine here.  I tried some Weinschorle which is a wine spritzer.  I didn't care for the red, but the white was not bad!  It's made with new wine.  I don't know if this is a thing in the US.  Ralf gave us 2 bottles of wine at the end of the night! Very nice!

Today was a great day.  I am sad to have to leave the Schäfer's tomorrow! The weekend is flying by!

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  1. I love this so much! Happy Anniversary guys!